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BoostHQ is the informal learning platform

While working with our clients, we realized that a common pain-point faced by many of them is content being managed in a very in efficient way. Services like Slack and HipChat are great for communication, but fall short when tasked with sharing content. That's where BoostHQ comes in.

We took all the feedback we heard and developed an informal learning platform where your content is being share and used for learning, creating a service in which content discussion not only works, but thrives. With BoostHQ, you can watch how content is being shared and optimize it, allowing you to increase productivity and identify the thought leaders in your organization.

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Our Mission

We are a Toronto based-company on a mission to connect teams with the content they need to excel and achieve their goals.

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  • Engineers
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  • Marketers
  • Coffee Lovers

Based on the model of leraning, informal learning accounts for more than 80% employee learning.


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