Make information accessible.

It’s important to ensure your team knows how to make the most of new tools and sales enablement platforms, especially with today’s ever-evolving sales methodologies. Upload your sales enablement content, CRM help guides, demo videos, and procedural manuals to educate your team and ensure they are up-to-date with the correct information.

Let your sales team members learn from each other.

By encouraging and enabling discussion and feedback about the content, even more value is added. When being used for sales knowledge management, our Q&A feature gives your employees a platform to quickly learn from each other, without the redundancy of cluttered email chains and transient chat boxes. Improve coaching and peer-to-peer learning in a platform that is always accessible and benefits the entire team.

The average employee turnover across industries for 2016 is 17.8%
Capture their knowledge with BoostHQ before they leave!

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How it Works

Knowledge Sharing

Let your subject matter experts share useful files, links, and videos, and initiate discussions.

Employee Discussions

Create a learning community and allow employees to share their thoughts and experiences about your content.

Analytics & Feedback

Get insight into what learning content is most useful, who is most engaged, and what are the knowledge gaps.

Content Moderation

Admin controls allows you to moderate content and comments to ensure correct information is shared between employees.