Empower your team with latest valuable marketing content.

BoostHQ provides a platform for your subject matter experts to update your team with the latest marketing technologies, trends, techniques, and tools through sharing reliable and valuable content from any type of source. This provides an opportunity for your employees to learn about topics that you think are important for your company’s success.

Learning Community For Employees.

Research shows that over 50% of employees learn from links, videos, and other informal sources every day. BoostHQ emphasizes this informal learning by providing a space for your employees to discuss and ask questions about different marketing topics. Knowledge is shared between them, building trust and increasing their collective efficiency. This knowledge is kept accessible in a knowledge management tool, like, BoostHQ which helps to drive your team forward.

The average employee turnover across industries for 2016 is 17.8%
Have you captured what they know?

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How it Works

Knowledge Sharing

Let your subject matter experts share useful files, links and videos, and initiate discussions.

Employee Discussions

Create an learning community for employees and allow them to share their thoughts and experiences about your content.

Analytics & Feedback

Get insight into what learning content is most useful, who is most engaged, and what are the knowledge gaps.

Content Moderation

Admin controls allows you to moderate content and comments to ensure correct information is shared between employees.