Why Collaboration Matters?

Why Collaboration in Work Teams Matters

Collaboration, that peaceful action of people working with each other to create something of value, has been a part of the human ability to sustain ourselves from the dawn of time. As soon as we began to interact socially, we started to understand that two heads were often better than one when it came to solving challenges and building and producing things as well as coming up with innovative ideas.

Fueled by generosity of spirit, an understanding that sharing is in the best interest of everyone, and that openness is a virtue, collaboration has brought us some of our best inventions, our most scientific discoveries as well as our most memorable music and movies. Consider a world without Banting and Best, Penn and Teller, and Gilbert and Sullivan.

There are 3 reasons why workplace collaborations are more important now than ever as our society moves to face challenges unheard of by any previous generation. Here are 3 conditions that underline our need for greater collaboration:

1. The arrival and sprialing growth of social media.

Today's consumers are more in touch with all aspects of companies and organizations than ever before, and an unhappy experience in one aspect of your organization can turn a very bright spotlight on all of it.

No previous generation of workers had to operate under the unrelenting glare of social media. Traditionally, the shipping department did not have to worry about the research and development department, and the marketing department was not concerned with the day-to-day basis with what happened in the production department. Today all are joined at the hip and collaborating with the customer service department is a must, because to ignore it could mean disaster.

One unhappy customer impacted by a late shipment, an item that does not work, or a rude response from a worker can take to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a wide range of other social media sites and turn unwanted attention on your company without notice.

If your work teams are not collaborating on thinking about the end customer or end goal every step of the way, you can find yourself in hot water. That's why BoostHQ can help!

BoostHQ allows you to create channels and invite team members from your different departments so collaboration as a whole can be more effective and streamlined.

2. The sprawling global workplace and changing communication strategies means we communicate differently.

Work teams are no longer standing side by side each other or even sharing space in the same building. With a growing dependence on contract workers, our workplaces are going virtual. BoostHQ will take the place of traditional weekly get-togethers, and in many cases, allow people who work in seperate offices to come together to complete a project or goal on time and on target. BoostHQ allows you to reduce meeting time, organize team discussions and allows you to share useful information to remote employees quickly.

The art of collaboration is essential to allow workers to come together across countries, cultures, time zones and technical barriers to make it all work. Even workers who aren't more than 500 feet away from each other choose to communicate primarily through emails, messaging tools and message boards. The problem is this communication is often lost and disorganized.

3. The supply chain of getting products from production to market is getting longer and longer, yet everyone has to stay on the same page.

Collaboration today means finding a way to build in a cacophony of voices through every step of the supply chain. From human resources through to marketers, from designers to sales people, all of these independent voices must come together in the end to see a common use and value in a product or service.

Pulling on all of these revolving voices together and ensuring each project moves doggedly towards the finish line takes collaboration skills of the highest level.

The end result is that work teams, regardless of which department they arise from and where they are geographically located, need to find unique ways of communication and understanding each other and working towards common goals with a level of skill unheard of in previous generations. With the BoostHQ app, this can all be attainable.

Try BoostHQ and harness the power of collaborative learning in your organization.