Employee Training and Onboarding

Using BoostHQ for Employee Training and Onboarding

Onboarding new employees is an extremely tedious task for many companies, especially when your resources and time are limited. For many smaller companies there is no such thing as a formalized onboarding strategy. Simply, the new employee starts following around an experienced worker and after a short amount of time is left to do their task. This can become stressful not just for the new employee but for management as well. The new employee might not be so sure what is expected of them and thereby, will not live up to the expectation of the employer.

New employees need time to be caught up with everything going on in the company, not just what is relevant to their job title. Knowing what the company culture is like, what is expected of them, the details of their work day etc are all crucical things a new employee should know their first week of working.

With BoostHQ, a new hire can easily be invited to existing team channels so they can catch up on discussion that was had on past and future projects. With BoostHQ, all the discussions are contextual so the new employee can be completely aware of why certain decisions were made. Since BoostHQ is accessible 24/7 the new hire can be completely caught-up on their own time and be fully prepared when they come into work.

How to use BoostHQ?

Create new channels and populate it with content overvieweing the company's history and culture. Add tips, tricks and advice from familiar faces or people they will be working closely with. Add bite-sized training topics and add your welcome video and other company documents (i.e. company policy and guidelines).

For training you can create channels with helpful how-tos from experienced knowledge leaders. Employees can learn from discussion from others regarding what works and doesn't.

Since content from anywhere can be added into BoostHQ channels easily and quickly, employers no longer need to spend hours creating training courses etc. Employees can informally share their own expertise and knowledge with each other and create a hub of useful information.

Save time

Many companies are moving away from mandatated training and heading towards informal knowledge exchange. Since employees choose the best time for them to access information using BoostHQ, meetings and boardroom discussions are greating reduced. BoostHQ's goal is not to elimiate face-to-face discussion but to provide a platform where all the companies useful information can be accessed and discussed upon whether it's for training, onboarding, collaborating or just for general information!

Be one step closer to faster and better collaboration and sharing!