The Empowered Learner

Why Empowered Learners Make a Difference

An empowered learner is a person who is adept at leveraging all the latest technology to help them gather the knowledge and skills they need to keep on top of their work and living conditions.

When we think of an empowered learner, we think of an avid user of the BoostHQ platform.

According to the Internation Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), you can recognize the empowered learner by observing one of 4 behaviours:

1. They understand technology and troubleshoot if necessary.

2. They gather feedback in many different forms.

3. They build their own network to support their learning.

4. They set personal learning goals and for them, learning is a life-long process.

Trying to establish a culture for the empowered learner to flourish within your organization starts with the right tools and with goal setting. Esnuring that you encourage employees to establish realistic and SMART learning goals and remain accountable to them. SMART learning goals being: Specific, Measurable, Action-oritented, Relevant, and Time-oriented.

Empowered learners are also further motivated by having support networks, and these can be both within your organization and outside of it in the form of BoostHQ channels where real-time discussions and collaborations are had.

BoostHQ allows your to create channels and invite team members from your different departments so collaboration as a whole can be more effective and streamlined.

If your organization has numerous offices and branches around the globe or even different locations within North America, encouraging employees with the same learning goals to get to know each other and build support systems will greatly increase the chance of their success. BoostHQ allows your employees to utilize the expertise of their colleagues to greater improve their skill set and create more unified organization.

Feedback is a huge component of continuing motivation for the empowered learner, so seeking ways within your organization to augment this is of utmost importance. BoostHQ is content centered around team feedback and discussion; everyone feels valued because everyone has a voice. Through BoostHQ, everyone can share thoughts and jointly work in a collaborative approach to brainstorm, and find solutions for difficult problems, regardless of their department.

For corporations, this approach has added benefits. Employees who get to know each other through working on a couple projects together often find themselves working on teams later on as well. Their teamwork and knowledge about each others expertise is easily built on the foundation of their studies together and just gets reinforced the more they work together.

Most of all, the empowered learner is all about having accessible technology so learning can take place in little pockets of time throughout the day, evenings and on weekends. With BoostHQ, everything is accessible through a web and mobile app as well as a Chrome Browser extension which allows for easy integration in employees everyday workflow and creates greater accessibility.

Mobile apps are huge. Consider that 91% of workers with smartphones turn to them for solutions and ideas when trying to figure out a problem or finish a job. Unlike classroom learners, 53% of empowered learners actually put what they learned that day into practise within a few days. Using BoostHQ, fosters and perfectly compliments this user behaviour.

Unfortunately, only one quarter of companies throughout North America are fostering empowered learners and are even comfortable with the whole concept of digital learning. This creates a widening gap between how organizations and industries are training people vs. how they actually want to be trained.

For a more productive and innovative future for corporations and organizations, the gap has to close under the influence of the empowered learner and the tools such as BoostHQ that fosters it.

Be one step closer to faster and better collaboration and sharing!