A Great Sidekick for Slack

Join Forces with BoostHQ!

Are you suffering from information overload? Are you tired of tedious searching and sifting through messages to find a link or document that was shared weeks ago?

The value of your content is in the conversation. BoostHQ augments your Slack experience by organizing the content your team shares, and storing it with the surrounding conversation.

Organized and Accessible Forever

Use BoostHQ for free- tie your Slack channels to a corresponding BoostHQ channel. That way, instead of sharing a link and then scrolling endlessly to find what was shared and discussed, everything is organized and accessible for you, forever.

BoostHQ is a much more organized way for you to be able to find relevant material that your team has shared. Keeping content at your fingertips and available when you need it.

Try BoostHQ and harness the power of sharing in your organization!