A great way to integrate Dropbox

More than just a file storage tool.

Unify your cloud storage platforms. BoostHQ integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and more allowing you to unify all your cloud storage platforms into one intuitive workplace.

Dropbox, like many similar file storage platforms, is great for stockpiling files. The problem is that after saving, these documents are often forgotten or lost and then find them when you least need them.

Don't just hoard your files!

You never really go back to these important files which you saved for a reason. For business, this is an extremely inefficient way to keep your important files, links and videos.

BoostHQ extracts value from your content.

Instead of just hoarding files, curate a database of valuable content that will allow your business and team to broaden their knowledge-base and have the most valuable content available at their fingertips, when they need it most.

Try BoostHQ and harness the power of sharing in your organization!