why collaboration matters

Why Collaboration Matters?

Collaboration, the peaceful action of people working with each other to create something of value, has been a part of the human ability to sustain ourselves from...

what is informal learning

What is Informal Learning?

Informal learning is people acquiring skills they use at work by informal means such as: talking, observing others, trial-and-error, working with people...

The empowered learner

The Empowered Learner

An empowered learner is a person who is adept at leveraging all the latest technology to help them gather the knowledge and skills they need to keep on top...

BoostHQ and how it works with Slack

BoostHQ and Slack

Are you suffering from information overload? Are you tired of tedious searching and sifting through messages to find a link or document that was shared weeks ago?

BoostHQ and how it works with Google Drive

BoostHQ and Google Drive

Use BoostHQ to organize, share, and create documents for your team. Merge your Google Drive with BoostHQ to create an organized and powerful collaborative document...

BoostHQ and how it works with Dropbox

BoostHQ and DropBox

Unify your cloud storage platforms. BoostHQ integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and more allowing you to unify all the cloud storage platforms into one...

BoostHQ for employee training and onboarding

BoostHQ for Training & Onboarding

Onboarding new employees is an extremely tedious task for many companies, especially when your resources and time are limited. For smaller companies there is no such...

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