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A workplace for your team's documents, spreadsheets, videos, links, checklists, polls and discussions.

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Empower your team to collaborate better, smarter, faster.

BoostHQ platform on mobile and desktop


Easily share content from anywhere to your team. Share links, files, videos or thoughts on topics that matter.


Organize your content with channels and tags. Everything is indexed, making search and retrieval easy.


Work, comment and provide feedback on content with team members to get things done.

Take Action

Add action-oriented tasks like polls and checklists to drive results and get the most out of your content.

Collaboration made easy.

No more interrupting your workflow or fiddling between tabs to share content and collaborate. Use our Chrome and mobile browser extensions, Google Drive integrations and other convenient options to share from anywhere. Create a curated library that's always accessible to your team.

BoostHQ mobile app for content sharing made easy
BoostHQ desktop app for content sharing with a purpose

Collaboration with a purpose.

Attach actions to the content you share. Gain insight through polls, or assign tasks to others with checklists. Track progress and be notified of results in real-time.

Collaboration through content sharing.

Edit and share your work with embedded Google Docs and Sheets. Collaborate on content from any device to move work forward from anywhere.

BoostHQ desktop app for content sharing for collaboration

BoostHQ simplifies collaboration by integrating with:

Google Drive

Fetch or create new Google Drive files, and edit them directly in BoostHQ.


Share and embed YouTube videos directly into any channels.

Cloud Storage

Pull content from your Dropbox, OneDrive, Box or other cloud storage services.

Web and Mobile Share Extension

Integrate BoostHQ seamlessly with your workflow by downloading the Chrome extension.

BoostHQ for Chrome is a complementary tool for the BoostHQ web app. It allows you to share web content easily from your browser straight to any of your BoostHQ channels or you can directly share anything on mobile with the iOS Safari extension.

BoostHQ web and mobile Chrome Browser extension
BoostHQ desktop app for content sharing

Why use BoostHQ for collaboration?

Directly adding content from anywhere into channels that you select makes the whole process of sharing with your team a breeze. Any comments, discussions or action-items relating to the content stays attached to the content. The context of your discussions are no longer lost in an endless stream of messages and emails. Content retrieval and information absorption is no longer something you need to worry about.

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Our Features


All of your files, links and videos are organized and indexed by topic in your channel.

News Feed

Stay up-to-date on the content being shared by your team.


Conversations stay on topic, which can then be referenced at anytime.

Action Items

Attach a checklist or poll to each piece of content. Get the feedback and opinion of your team members easily.

Controlled Access

Give access permission to your team members. Allow them to be viewers or content owners.

Content Recommendations & Ratings

Let your team discover what content is effective by liking & bookmarking.


Share and view content from any device, anywhere.


Organize content better by adding tags (hashtags) to each shared content piece.

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