The perfect sidekick for your LMS

A social learning platform for your employees to gain knowledge, share experiences and learn from each other.

How it Works

Knowledge Sharing

Let your subject matter experts share useful files, links and videos, and initiate discussions.

Employee Discussions

Allow employees to share their thoughts and experiences around your content to create a learning community.

Analytics & Feedback

Get insight into what learning content is most impactful, who is most engaged, and identify knowledge gaps.

Content Moderation

Admin controls allows you to moderate content and comments to ensure correct information is shared between employees.

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BoostHQ desktop app for content sharing with a purpose

Foster Engagement

Let your employees get involved into discussions by sharing experiences and thoughts around different content. Employees get involved and become more engaged with their community and job which results in improved learning and better performance.

Knowledge Accessibility

knowledge sharing through BoostHQ creates a knowledge base for employees which they can refer to whenever they need it. Extra value is added to the content when discussions and experiences are shared about the topic. Effective learning happens when the knowledge is needed.

BoostHQ mobile app for content sharing made easy
BoostHQ desktop app for content sharing with a purpose

Extracting Insights

Our analytics provides you valuable insights that are beneficial to your company's success. Find out who's the most active contributor and what content is being used the most. You can identify the problems and needs of your training system.

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Why social learning?

Recent studies show that social learning accounts for 90% of learning within organizations. Along with fostering employee engagement and satisfaction, informal learning has been shown to directly improve employee performance. Using an Informal learning platform is a cost effective method of training and developing your employees.
BoostHQ desktop app for content sharing for collaboration

Harness the power of collaboration in your organization

Work better with your team and drive better results by seamlessly sharing content and information with the people that need it.