Why BoostHQ?

Better Teamwork.

BoostHQ makes knowledge sharing in teams easy and powerful. Curate any type of content, share it, and ignite real-time discussion on content that works. Employees no longer need to be in the same room in order to spark knowledge and innovation.

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Better teamwork
team's knowledge and information is no longer lost in an endless stream of emails and chats

No more lost information.

Your team's knowledge and information is no longer lost in an endless stream of emails and chats or scattered across platforms. Instead, it's indexed and accessible exactly when it's needed.

All of your content is organized into topic-specific channels, with all of your discussions about a specific piece of content staying attached to the item.

Sharing that doesn't waste time.

Creating, sharing, and applying everyday learning just got a lot easier. With BoostHQ, your employees will no longer need to waste 1/3 of their time looking for information or trying to find the right people to talk to. Everyone in your team will be able to easily share their expertise and knowledge.

Content sharing that doesn't waste time
Adding action items to each piece of content moves your teamwork forward

Sharing more valuable content.

By adding action-items to each piece of content you move your team's work forward. With the use of polls and checklists team members become encouraged to take action which creates greater results.

Invite your team

Invite your team members to the channels they would find useful.

Add your content

Drag-and-drop your useful links, files, videos from anywhere with just a click.

Manage your channels

Specify user roles for your channels. Users can be content owners, viewers, or contributors.


Comment and give feedback on what works. All the discussion is centered around the content. Track the engagement of the content.

Why does it matter?

The majority of learning at work happens informally. In fact, studies show that 80% of learning is done informally between team members. Since most companies focus on the formal learning aspect, we created BoostHQ to capture the informal learning that happens everyday.

BoostHQ allows you to harness the power of your people to boost their productivity!