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Some commonly asked questions

How to create account?

Creating an account in BoostHQ is as simple as clicking on Sign Up once you've navigated to Next, enter your information, hit Create, and you're done.

How to create your first channel?

Just click on the (+) icon beside channels in the top left. Now, all you have to do is name your channel and add an optional channel image. That's it!

How to add content to your channel?

All you need to do is enter a channel, then click on either Share Link, Upload File, or Google Doc. If click on Share Link, you will be asked to enter the URL and to name the content. Clicking on Upload File, you can choose different locations to add files from. Clicking on Google Docs will allow you to create a new Google Doc document or spreadsheet or to upload an existing one.

How to add users to your channel?

Just click on the channel that you want to add people in, then click on the blue Invite Members button at the top right. Next, enter their email address or username, then hit Invite. Alternatively, you can invite by sending the team member the invite link of the channel.

How to comment on content?

To comment, all you need to do is click on the file, then in the comments tab at the top right, enter your text in the text box and click the green icon. "@" a username to direct your comment to a specific individual or "@everyone" so everyone in the channel is notified of your comment.

How to edit a channel?

If you want to change a channel name or cover image, just click on the channel, then click on the three vertical dots on the top right. Next, click Edit Channel. From there, either click on the text box to edit the title, or click on the picture to upload a new cover image.

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