Employee Knowledge Platform

BoostHQ captures and retains employee's and organizational knowledge in an accessible and simple platform for the time of need.

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How it Works

Knowledge Sharing

Let your subject matter experts share useful learning content such as, PDFs and videos that employees need to access at work.

Employee Discussions

Allow employees to provide feedback and share their experiences about your content to create a knowledge base.

Analytics & Feedback

Get insight into what content is most impactful, who is most engaged, and identify knowledge gaps.

Content Moderation

Admin controls allow you to moderate content and comments to ensure correct information is shared between employees.

Build the knowledge base your employees need to succeed.

Help your employees reach their maximum potential with needed information right on their fingertips!


Deliver short and specific training material such as PDF, text, images or videos to employees for access at the time of need. They can access these 3-4 minutes learning material from desktop, mobile or any other devices in their own time.

BoostHQ knowledge sharing in microlearning platform.
BoostHQ comments/discussions foster's informal learning

Knowledge Accessibility

Create a library of useful learning material that helps employee to access the knowledge they require at work.
Extra value is added when employees contribute, share experiences, thoughts and feedback around pieces of content.

Insights and Reports

Identify the knowledge gaps in your organization by extracting valuable reports and analytics from BoostHQ.

BoostHQ provides you reports based on content and user's performance. Easily discover who's the most active contributor and what content is being used the most.

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The Real Impacts Of Microlearning


Employee Engagement


Employee Retention


Employee Productivity

Curate Resources From The Web

Use our Google Chrome and Mobile extensions to seamlessly share links and videos, right from your browser.

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See how teams use BoostHQ

BoostHQ knowledge sharing platform for Sales Teams


Drive sales and keep your representatives up to speed with BoostHQ. Let them tap into a community of feedback, peer coaching and relevant material.

BoostHQ employee knowledge platform for Customer Service Teams

Customer Service

Service teams learn from each other. Empower your customer service team with the knowledge and coaching they need to keep your customers happy.

BoostHQ knowledge platform for Marketing Teams


Provide your marketers with ongoing learning and development resources to help them deal with ever-changing marketing challenges.

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File Sharing

Easily share any type of resource from anywhere with your employees.

Indexing & Organization

You can organize your files with tagging and search to make them easily accessible.

Discussions & Feedback

Commenting and direct chat features allow users to discuss content, feedback and experiences.


Admins can select what functionalities are available to each member of the group.

Reporting & Analytics

Reports and analytics provide insights on top content and users of each group.

Comprehension Checklist

Comprehension checklists can be added to pieces of content to outline key takeaways for learners.